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We're creating a platform that will change the way you can care for your pets.

Image by freestocks

''From timid little guinea pigs to big and bouncy dogs, every pet is precious to us and we care for all of them.''

What We Are About


We love to have fun and hang out with our pets. We understand that our lives revolve around our pets and we wouldn't have it any other way.


We believe in good companionship and the joy that our best friends bing to us. Just like good friends we want to share the best advice amongst each other. 


NIBBS as an online Pet Services and Store is centered around community and goodwill for everyone.  We like to emulate the love that our pets have and share it with the world and in turn shower our pets with the collective goodwill of the universe.

Our Mission

We want to bring everything pet related under one roof and build a community around it.
Our pets deserve all the happiness in this world and together we can give them the best care in the world.

Thank you!

We're here for you. Just like your Pets.

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